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April 13, 2022 3 min read

The Best Stainless Steel Faucets for Every Bathroom Style

Stainless steel faucets are popular among many residential homes and commercial spaces because of their untapped durability. In addition to guaranteed lifetime value, they also complement several bathroom styles.

So, if you are planning to modernize your old bathroom or give it a complete overhaul, you have come to the right place. We covered some of the most well-liked bathroom designs and the faucet types that can take each style up a notch.

1. Modern

A well-organized bathroom space with minimal décor clutter, simple color palettes, and straight, clean lines screams unabashedly modern. Accent pieces made from top-quality materials (i.e., stone, porcelain, marble, etc.) also play a crucial role in achieving a modern bathroom.

Since modern-style bathrooms equate to minimalism, pick a faucet that brings out a modest vibe. Examples of faucet types you may consider are vessel bathroom faucets, single-hole faucets, and wall-mounted faucets, among others.

You may also opt for a stainless steel bathroom faucet with a black color finish, like the Aruba bathroom tap. This single-handle faucet boasts a steel-black finish, echoing a dash of crisp, modern flair.

Aruba single-hole bathroom faucet

Aruba single-hole bathroom faucet

2. Scandinavian

A Scandinavian-style bathroom is increasing in popularity because of its calm and spa-like ambiance. Like modern-style baths, Scandinavian also highlights clean lines and a simple aesthetic.

Natural light is essential in Scandinavian styling; large windows and mirrors can help make the space look brighter. Using neutral paint colors (i.e., light gray, white, beige, etc.) and light-colored wood flooring, accents, and furniture completes the natural feel of Scandinavian bathrooms.

When choosing a faucet for this bathroom style, simplicity is the key. This stainless steel vessel bathroom faucet is a good choice as it reflects simple aesthetics, not to mention that it is also available in neutral finishes.

Yasawa vessel bathroom faucet
Yasawa vessel bathroom faucet

3. Rustic

Rugged is the name of the game in rustic bathroom design. The focus of rustic styling is to create a relaxing atmosphere with an emphasis on earthy materials, such as wood and stone, and natural elements like potted plants.

Unlike modern and Scandinavian bathroom styles, the rustic interior design features muted colors, including red, blue, green, yellow, and gray. It also celebrates imperfect lines and silhouettes, and uses fixtures and accents with warm tones.

If you want to bring a rustic flair into your bathroom, stainless steel faucets polished with a brass or gold finish are a perfect tap choice.

Yasawa single-hole bathroom faucetYasawa single-hole bathroom faucet

4. Transitional

A transitional bathroom encapsulates a mix of two styles—traditional and contemporary. It creates a warm, comfortable look that is not too old-looking or overly sleek. In short, it creates a balance between classic and new design elements.

Transitional styling utilizes materials from both design eras strategically. It allows homeowners to have fun blending sinks, cabinets, tiles, and furniture. Here is how you can achieve the transitional look:

  • provide easy access to bathroom features (i.e., bathtub, sink, etc.)
  • choose light, relaxing paint colors (i.e., white, gray, beige, silver, etc.)
  • install ceramic, porcelain, marble, or stone tile flooring
  • sinks should either be quartz, quartzite, granite, or marble
  • invest in bath storage solutions

One more thing: incorporate the latest faucet design trends. But if you prefer sticking to manual stainless steel faucets, a modern tap with a brushed steel finish does not disappoint.

Santorini vessel bathroom faucetSantorini vessel bathroom faucet

5. Tropical

As the name suggests, tropical bathrooms bring out the soothing vibe of rainforests and the vibrant colors of flowering plants. They also incorporate natural lights and outdoorsy elements, such as natural woods and stones.

Aside from these features, a tropical-style bathroom also plays with colors. It can explore several shades, including emerald, pink, fuchsia, gold, black, and white. This bathroom design can also look modern, vintage, transitional, or minimalist.

To achieve that jazzy tropical look, grow some houseplants in a chic planter—and install a stainless steel bathroom faucet with a vivid finish like this Aruba bathroom tap.

Aruba single-hole bathroom faucetAruba single-hole bathroom faucet

Parting Thoughts

Are you designing a house plan or doing a home remodel? If so, never overlook your bathroom faucets. Invest in faucets that offer lifetime value and keep their luster for a long time.

At Lulani, we have a fine line of stainless steel faucets that will look fantastic in your home, including your bathroom space. Our bathroom tap selection gives you various choices, helping you find the best faucet for that perfect bath retreat.

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