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May 11, 2022 3 min read 1 Comment

3 Benefits of a Brass Kitchen Faucet

Many homeowners have brass faucets installed in their kitchen or bathrooms. Brass kitchen sink faucets are one of the most commonly found fixtures in home. They’re durable, corrosion-resistant, require a minimal amount of care, and can withstand high-temperature settings. Brass faucets are a perfect option for homeowners looking to save on expenses but not sacrifice function or quality.

For your kitchen remodel or faucet replacement, consider a durable brass construction, especially if you're installing a wall mount. Brass kitchen faucets offer both durability and functionality.

brass finish kitchen faucetKauai Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet - Brushed Nickel

Here are a few good reasons to choose a premium, solid brass kitchen faucet for your impending kitchen upgrade:

1. Strong and Durable

Focus on the interior build of your kitchen faucet for quality. Ensure a strong material that can handle daily use.

Solid brass is an alloy metal made from a combination of zinc and copper. These materials boost metal strength, ensuring durability, and longevity, making it a top choice for faucets.

Brass-finish kitchen faucets are a great middle-ground if you’re looking for high quality at a reasonable price-point; they’re a great alternative to the more expensive stainless-steel options.

Fixtures made of solid brass will last for decades and can easily stand up to the high-use wear and tear that kitchen faucets see on a daily basis. Brass is also one of the most corrosion-resistant materials out there. This is particularly important if you have hard water, which corrodes a faucet more quickly than other materials.

Most faucets that have a low sticker price are likely made out of plastic or zinc alloy. Plastic faucets won’t have a great warranty since they tend to break apart fairly easily. Zinc alloy faucets are more durable and are a better option than plastic, but they’ll start to corrode when the plating finish has worn down.

2. Clean Water Properties

Brass is the most traditionally used material for faucets and has been used for years to provide clean drinking water solutions for homeowners. Solid brass is naturally germicidal; it destroys or inhibits the growth of harmful microorganisms.

The copper in brass is also antimicrobial, which means it kills germs on the spot. The molecules of copper in brass are capable of producing ions that attack certain types of proteins in single-celled organisms, killing them instantly. It is difficult for many types of mold, mildew, and bacteria to survive in an environment rich in copper.

These germicidal and antimicrobial properties make brass and other copper-based metals an excellent material for water filtration, sanitation systems, appliances and fixtures, such as kitchen faucets.

3. Wide Versatility for Parts and Fittings

Because brass is commonly used for many different purposes, it’s easy to find almost any plumbing part or fixture of the same material. This makes replacing bathroom parts easy and efficient.

For instance, brass fittings can be found in all sizes, shapes, and widths and can be used to alter the size of pipes, which makes it easier to undertake plumbing installations. It goes a long way to enhancing the efficiency of the water delivery system into your home.

When it comes to fittings that require additional bending or shaping, brass has some of the best malleability. This makes it easier to alter than steel or iron pipe.
If you’ve ever had to deal with a plumbing job that need a little adjustment, you know how important malleability is. Even though the metal is malleable, a brass kitchen faucet still retains its durability and dependability. This can make your installation and maintenance cost a little more cost-effective because the material is so easy to work with.

brass pull down kitchen faucetAurora Single-Hole Bathroom Faucet - Champagne Gold

Summing It Up

Let’s face it—a fun design isn’t the only thing that matters when choosing between kitchen faucets. It’s extremely important to choose something that is built to last, is safe to use, and is easy to install.

Before visiting your favorite faucet shop or ordering online, check whether the seller offers solid brass kitchen faucets. That way, you can ensure that your kitchen faucet will serve its purpose for a long time.

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Jake Williams
Jake Williams

January 04, 2023

Excellent article detailing the advantages of brass kitchen faucets. It’s great that you mentioned that brass is quite robust owing to its chemical composition, which allows it to lasts longer. This is fantastic; as I’m searching for some utensils, I’ll look into the brass-made ones. Thank you for the excellent article.

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