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December 07, 2021 6 min read 1 Comment

4 Key Considerations for Choosing the Best Bathroom & Kitchen Faucet


Feeling stressed about finding the best bathroom and kitchen faucets to complement your home? Believe it or not, we totally get it! Faucets are not just standard home fixtures; they are an essential element that complete the look of kitchens and bathrooms.

Selecting the perfect faucet can be tricky, considering the variety of styles and finishes to choose from. Looks aren’t everything, though. It’s crucial that you pick a type that doesn’t compromise on practical factors, like the faucet’s spout height or reach.

Let’s take a closer look at each consideration below!


1.       Faucet Type

Just like how clothes and shoes help to define a person’s character, faucets are a statement piece that can add personality to anyone’s bathroom or kitchen.

You should consider a faucet type that will help you add to your room’s overall design. Below are a few types of faucets, along with their features and ideal uses:

Single handle faucets use a singular lever or knob to control the water flow and temperature. It's one of the easier styles to install since you really only need a one-hole configuration on your sink. Since you only have one handle to work with, they’re a good choice for families with young children or elderly family members.

Single handle faucets come in three types:

  • Ball faucet: A ball faucet’s handle controls a rotating ball called the lever ball assembly. This faucet type is widely used in kitchen sinks because of its simplistic design.
  • Disc faucet: Like ball faucets, a disc faucet’s handle moves up-and-down and side-to-side. However, its handle doesn’t have as much free motion. Disc faucets are common in both residential and commercial bathrooms and powder rooms.
  • Cartridge faucet: Unlike the first two, cartridge faucets can have either one or two handles. This faucet type is typically seen in washrooms and bathrooms.


As the name suggests, a Widespread faucet occupies a wide space. It has three separate pieces—two handles and a spout. Although widespread faucets take up additional space, they add a sense of symmetry to the counter. This type of faucet is more common in bathroom sinks than in kitchen sinks.


A wall-mount faucet is mounted directly to the wall. It gives the advantage of creating more space on the countertop. Many modern homes use this style in both their kitchen and bathroom.


Like widespread faucets, Centerset faucets have two handles and one spout. The main difference between a Centerset and Widespread faucet is that a Centerset faucet has all of its pieces connected together by a 4-inch baseplate while a Widespread faucet’s pieces are all separate. A Centerset faucet can be used on sinks and countertops with two or three holes, depending on the plumbing configuration of the spout.


Pull-down and pull-out faucets have the same pulling mechanism but differ in approach. The former uses a spray wand that pulls straight down into the sink, while the latter has a handle that is pulled out. Both faucet types are the most common, if not, the best kitchen faucet choices.


2.       Product Finish

Most people know that a good home interior has a matching theme or style so your furniture should be chosen to match that aesthetic accordingly. Well guess what? The same thing applies to choosing a bathroom or kitchen faucet. You should aim to pick a faucet finish that blends in with your nearby cabinets, towel bars, and other household equipment.

There are plenty of faucet finishes, but the following are the most popular:


  • Electroplating – Chrome and Brushed Nickel are electroplated finishes. This process is the well-established traditional way of finishing faucets. They are very popular in commercial kitchens and public bathrooms because they’re easy to mix and match with accessories.


  • Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) – PVD is the latest faucet finishing technology, easily becoming the finish of choice. The finish is dense and extremely hard. In abrasion tests, PVD finishes are found to be 10 to 20 times more scratch-resistant and durable than standard electroplating. Lulani offers various PVD finish options such as Brushed Gold, Rose Gold, and Gun Metal.


  • Powder Coating and Painting – Powder coating and painting create finishes in colors not possible using other finishing technologies, including just about every color in the rainbow. For instance, Matte Black can be difficult to achieve using an electroplating or PVD process, but can be easily done using powder coating. Sometimes characterized as "semi-durable", they are not as durable as electroplated or PVD metallic finishes but allow colors and finish effects that metal finishes cannot easily duplicate.


  • Non-Living Finish – There are also certain faucets that don’t require a finish at all. For example, Lulani offers Brushed Stainless Steel faucets which are considered to have a non-living finish. The high quality 304 Stainless Steel used on these faucets do not require a finish to protect the material since this material is naturally lead free, has good corrosion resistance, contains antimicrobial properties, and is generally very durable. Brushed Nickel hardware and accessories are typically used to compliment Brushed Stainless Steel.


3.       Spout Height & Reach

While looks are essential, you should also consider practical factors like the spout height and reach. It’s important to address the size of the faucet size as it can greatly how you use it.



As a general rule of thumb, your faucet should accommodate the items you will wash or fill. The higher the spout, the easier it’s for you to fit tall pots under it. If you plan to install or already have a shelf above your sink or a wide window ledge, getting a tall faucet may not be ideal. For instance, Lulani's Soneva kitchen faucet, shown above, is the tallest in our kitchen collection at 27.44 inches tall. You wouldn't necessarily be able to install a faucet of this height if you had shelves or ledges above your sink. 

You should also check how far the spout extends into the sink, otherwise known as the faucet’s reach. The reach of the faucet you choose depends on the size of your sink. Be sure to select one with a suitable reach to ensure convenient washing.


4.       Sink Hole Configurations

Sinks and countertops can be drilled a few different ways. When searching for the best bathroom or kitchen faucet, you’ll need to take these sink hole configurations into account in order to know what type will work for your setup.

Common setups are typically configured for Centerset, Widespread, and Single Handle faucets. Aside from visually seeing how many holes are configured for your sink, you may need to measure them a bit.


Measure the distance from the center of the hole on the left to the right. If the measurement is 6 inches or higher, you can install a Widespread or 8-inch spread faucet. If it measures less than 6 inches, you’ll need a Centerset or 4-inch spread faucet. A Single Handle faucet can be installed in a 1-hole or a 3-hole configuration. For the latter, you’ll need a baseplate to cover the surrounding holes, as shown in the image above.

Conversely, if your sink has one hole, you need a faucet that has a handle attached directly to its body. A sink with two holes, on the other hand, requires separate mixing taps or two single faucets.


Wrapping It Up

Whether you’re replacing your old faucets or shopping for faucets for your new home, you must look beyond the aesthetic factors, such as faucet type and finish. Things like faucet spout reach and height, and sink hole configuration also matter because they relate to overall convenience and utility. 

At Lulani, we have a wide selection of faucets that will suit your palate and needs. From Widespread to Centerset, Single Handle, Pull-Down, and Pull-Out—we have elegant and durable pieces that will look great in your bathroom or kitchen.

Check out our complete faucet line here.

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Shammy Peterson
Shammy Peterson

December 09, 2022

It sure was interesting when you said that you can add a sense of symmetry to the counter when you consider a widespread faucet. This is something that I will share with my mother because she is planning to renovate her bathroom next spring and have new faucets installed. Since she wants to make sure that the faucets that she will choose can somehow add elegance to her house, so your tips are helpful.

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