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May 14, 2019 4 min read 3 Comments

5 Bathroom Remodeling Myths

There are plenty of reasons why homeowners might want to think about remodeling their bathroom. There's also a plethora of myths and misleading information that can discourage this type of venture. These misconceptions can range anywhere between being "too expensive" to " too time consuming" or even "too complicated". Here we take a look at 5 of the most common bathroom remodeling myths.

Myth #1: It's too expensive
Bathroom remodeling being too expensive is probably the most commonly found myth out there. While itis possible to spend a pretty penny on this type of endeavor, it doesn't always have to break the bank.
The cost of a bathroom remodel depends on the scale of the project, the materials selected, and the amount of work you are prepared to do yourself. A small-scale remodel can be as simple as new grout, a coat of paint, and/or fresh caulk around the appliances (sink, tub, toilet). These little details can really freshen up a room and can be completed by the homeowner over a weekend for $200 or less.
Most installations can be pretty straightforward, however, if you're unsure of your capabilities and want to play it safe it may be better to hire an installer or plumber to do it for you. These types of labor costs can add up, though, so be sure to take this in to account when determining your budget. For instance, the average cost to install a new toilet can be anywhere between $300 - $500.
Instead of allowing contractors to purchase the appliances you need at whatever cost their suppliers offer, consider doing some research and shopping online to find the fixtures you want at more affordable prices. Often times online retailers who cut out the middle man (distributors and big box retailers) can offer better price options for equal to or greater quality than their competitors.
Create a strategic game plan of the types of changes you want, the reasons why you want these changes, and the overall return of investment (how long do you plan on living in this home?). What are some things you can do yourself and what should be done by a professional?
Myth #2: It'll make the room larger
Unless you plan on knocking down walls, your bathroom remodel isn't going to make the room any larger. Remodeling benefits might involve clearing up additional space to keep you better organized and efficient, but the room itself doesn't need to physically get any bigger. This longstanding misconception can be a major hindrance when deciding weather or not to proceed with a project.
Map out the room to create plenty of new organizational options and storage spaces to make the bathroom operate more efficiently. Consider bright lighting, lighter color schemes, and creative mirror placement to give the room an open feel. Choosing the right appliances can also become a key factor. For instance, if you go with a vessel bowl sink instead of an under-mount sink, you can have additional storage space with cabinetry. These details can help make the room feel bigger without actually being bigger.
Myth #3: It'll take too long to finish
While it's true that many projects can run longer and costlier than initially expected, there are ways to limit or even prevent this from happening. These situations typically occur without proper planning, research, and setting of goals. It's extremely important to establish your game plan and expectations. Determine your budget before anything else. From there, you can start researching various costs of material, labor, and the extent of the renovation.
If you have an older home, it may be wise to set up a contingency fund for any unexpected issues. Even the best contractors and installers can't determine if you have mold inside your walls or if your plumbing is up to current code until they're able to really dive in. These are real issues that are too commonly found in professional remodels. It's important to include these possibilities to your time line, just in case.
Myth #4: It won't increase the value of your home
One of the top myths in regards to bathroom remodeling is that it won't add any value to your home. If you're trying to sell your house, an outdated bathroom can become a major player when determining the value of your home. You may not get all your money back from a remodel right away, but it becomes much easier to sell your home for the price you deserve by having an upgraded bathroom.
When perspective buyers see an outdated bathroom, it often times hinders their impression of the home and can make them consider the costs involved to update it after purchasing. By taking advantage ahead of time and remodeling a bathroom before you put it on the market, you'll be giving perspective buyers one less thing to worry about.
Myth #5: It won't save me any money
It's a common misconception that a bathroom remodel won't be able to save you any money. In today's technologically advanced world, there are plenty of ways to make a bathroom more eco-friendly and save yourself money over time. Replacing fixtures with eco-friendly and water-saving options are great ways to save money on your electric and water bills. There are energy efficient light fixtures, low flow toilets and showers, and water sense faucets, all in which can help you save a great deal.
Make sure to replace any older toilets and faucets to prevent leaks, as well. Many of these appliances can have unnoticed issues that can result to much larger problems down the road. By keeping them up to date, not only are you increasing your home's value but you could also be keeping in front of potential water hazards.

3 Responses

Eli Richardson
Eli Richardson

November 08, 2022

My fiance and I have been putting off our house’s renovation needs for almost a year, so we think it might be time to get it started. We’re relieved you mentioned that a well-thought renovation shouldn’t take that much time to be ready, so we’ll start by following your advice. Thanks for explaining how we must set a budget before we start a remodeling project.

Elijah Ackhurst
Elijah Ackhurst

January 05, 2022

Thank you for sharing these blogs. Very helpful and informative.

Arlington bathroom remodel
Arlington bathroom remodel

March 23, 2021

Awesome article on the 5 most common bathroom remodeling myths. Thanks for sharing!

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