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Nassau - Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

Nassau - Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

The Nassau KA-240-30 is a single-handle pull-out kitchen faucet that is designed to make dishwashing, rinsing, and cleaning around the kitchen sink absolutely easy.

360-degree swivel rotation

This faucet has has free movement that allows users to get to all those hard-to-reach areas. Since it enables different washing angles, it works as a stylish yet practical tap option in busy kitchens.


Being in the sink involves a lot of multi-tasking—and having a pull-out kitchen faucet like KA-240-30 offers a wealth of advantages. The most prominent benefit of this faucet type is convenience. You can control water with one hand and do something else simultaneously using your other hand.

Wider Reach & Access

Faucets with a pull-out design also allow wider reach and easy access. They are highly versatile and can be extended using stainless steel hoses. Whether you have a sink that is 5.5 inches or 8 inches deep, a pull-out faucet lets you direct the flow of water in the corners of your sink with great ease.

Since pull-out kitchen faucets have extended reach, washing large pots and pans would not be a problem. You can spare yourself from the headaches associated with cleaning or even filling large cookware with water. 

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Aside from washing the dishes and vegetables, many things happen near or in the kitchen sinks—slicing food, preparing ingredients, spilling oil, and more. Because of these, faucets get easily stained with oils and watermarks. What is ideal about KA-240-30 is that it accents a high arc gooseneck spout, a spout design that is easy to maintain and clean.

Lifetime use

Not only does this pull-out kitchen faucet require less maintenance, but it also guarantees lifetime use. Made from premium stainless steel, this faucet can resist corrosion, scratch, stain, and abrasion. In short, you can keep it in your kitchen for a long time or forever!

Aesthetic Design

The Nassau KA-240-30 combines practicality and aesthetics. You will not only benefit from its tons of uses, but you will also love its aesthetic design. As Nassau’s colorful cityscape, this kitchen faucet comes in sophisticated finishes that encapsulate the city’s architecture.

It will match whatever your style or preference is. Whether you want a gold kitchen faucet for a luxurious vibe, a black faucet finish for a sleek, modern feel, or a mirror-like finish for a classic look, the KA-240-30 can help you pull it off. 

Product highlights

  • Lifetime limited warranty for peace of mind
  • Premium stainless steel construction that will last a lifetime
  • 360-degree spout rotation that provides wider reach and product flexibility
  • Convenient pull-out head (no spray feature) that is easy to clean and maneuver
  • Faucet design that works well and looks good on different types of kitchen sinks
  • Six beautiful colors (brushed stainless steel, brushed gold, champagne gold, rose gold, gunmetal, and steel black)