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August 19, 2022 3 min read

When the time comes to buy a new bathroom faucet, don’t focus solely on how well the tap freshens up or enlivens your space. Make sure to select a model that meets quality standards and environmental performance.

One way to measure the faucet quality is by checking its certifications. A certification is a form of quality control that a country issues to a product that conforms to certain standards.

There are various faucet certifications in the U.S., including cUPC®, a plumbing code given to faucets that comply with Canadian and American plumbing standards.

Let’s find out more about UPC®/cUPC® and why you should consider getting premium bathroom faucets that have attained such certifications.

What Exactly is UPC®/cUPC®?

UPC® stands for the uniform plumbing code, a listing of specifications and guidelines designated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and developed by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO).

The UPC® is revised every three years under IAPMO’s ANSI-accredited development process. Changes to the plumbing code are set for approval by industry experts, including plumbers, engineers, manufacturers, environmentalists, and code officials.

The “c” in cUPC® means that a product meets not only the American plumbing standards, but also the Canadian requirements.

Faucets, for example, go through a testing process to verify compliance with UPC®/cUPC®. Manufacturers whose products successfully passed the inspection are given the right to display the cUPC® logo with their certified products.

Reasons to Buy UPC®/cUPC®-certified Bathroom Faucets

1. Ensure Public Safety

Plumbing plays a pivotal role in providing clean and safe water. It brings comfort into everyone’s homes and lives; it gives households access to safe drinking water, sanitation, comforting baths, and relaxing retreats.

One can’t emphasize enough how faucets contribute to the public’s overall health. Water is an essential resource, and it’s imperative for everyone to enjoy it without worrying about toxic elements and harmful circumstances.

When you buy a bathroom faucet with cUPC® certification, you’re paying for peace of mind and for your family’s optimal safety. The cUPC® mark guarantees that the faucet meets the technical requirements and up-to-date material performance standards.

2. Improve Water/Energy Efficiency

Energy is consumed in each stage of the water production and the supply chain—from pumping the water to the water treatment plant until it reaches the distribution process.

With a more efficient plumbing design, residences and commercial properties can reduce water and energy consumption. The less water used, the less water heated and transported, leading to lower water and energy expenses.

The UPC®/cUPC® plumbing codes aren’t just fine prints; they’re a consensus-based document that proves a product has built-in flexibility to embrace emerging water technologies. UPC®/cUPC® bathroom faucets consider energy and water efficiency in the water supply and sanitation systems.

3. Reduce Costs

cUPC® faucets deliver cost savings; they help reduce energy consumption, allowing homeowners and building owners to save on water and utility costs.

 to address water quality concerns associated with water aging in oversized plumbing systems and in providing for water and energy efficiency.

Households can calculate their consumption through the IAPMO’s Water Demand Calculator (WDC). Users have the option to download an Excel file or the WDC app where they can select units for water demand and run the test.

Look for the UPC®/cUPC® Mark

Bathroom faucets are one of the most widely used fixtures in every home. While it’s nice to have a fancy tap that adds beauty to your vanity and bathroom space, aesthetics isn’t the only factor that matters—be sure to also prioritize product quality.

To ensure your bathroom faucet serves its purpose for a long time and keeps your family safe while reducing your monthly water and energy consumption, check whether it has the UPC®/cUPC® label. These uniform plumbing codes embody the safest and most efficient plumbing systems.

At Lulani, we guarantee that our products are made to the highest international standards. Our bathroom faucets carry the cUPC® mark; they promote sustainable plumbing practices and protect public health, safety, and welfare.

We offer a wide selection of high-quality bathroom faucets. Find the best tap that matches your style and aesthetic sense at


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