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April 09, 2023 2 min read

Choosing the right style for your client or your own home isn’t something to take lightly. The faucet is one of the most significant elements when designing a bathroom, and you can choose from countless styles and materials.

Faucet styles can make or break your bathroom aesthetic and should never be an afterthought. So let’s look at a few basic bathroom faucet styles we offer at Lulani.

1.  Vessel

Vessel-style bathroom faucets are one of the most elegant options to add to your living space. Using a taller design for the spout paired with a shorter handle, the luxurious look of our Vessel faucets adds a contemporary look to any bathroom with a vessel-style sink mounted on a vanity or cabinet.

With the handle mounted on the spout, you free up space around your sink. Perfect for smaller spaces without extra room, the vessel faucet is an excellent choice for urban homes. It’s also a great option for temporary installations or for people who want to make a splash with a stylish upgrade to their bathroom sink.

2.  Centerset

4-inch centerset faucets are ideal for businesses and homes. Choosing a 4-inch centerset for your bathroom gives you a classic design that is compact, efficient, and often available in various colors and finishes.

Why do we like centerset faucets at Lulani? Here are a few things that keep centerset faucets at the top of the list when it comes to the most popular faucet styles:

  • They have a classic look that works in nearly any bathroom.
  • Left and right handles make turning on hot or cold water intuitive and hassle-free.
  • Many existing sinks and vanities are compatible with centerset faucets.


3.  Widespread

One style that has become increasingly popular amongst homeowners and pros is 8-inch widespread faucets. Separating the handles from the faucet gives the sink a more open feel and provides a stylish and modern accessory to your bathroom. It looks great, but separating the handles from the faucet can make cleaning much more manageable.

Because widespread faucets don’t have a base, you must drill three holes for installation. Certain sinks may already have these pre-drilled, but many don’t. While not impossible for homeowners to do on their own, this job is best left to experts if you’re unsure how to drill suitable holes.

4.  Single Hole

Like vessel faucets, single hole designs are simple, have an attached handle that dispenses hot and cold water, and you can use them with nearly any sink. They are a stylish choice that brings an air of luxury and sophistication to your bathroom, and they look great with mixed metals when you create your own style. Single hole faucets are shorter than vessel faucets, giving them a more classic appearance.

Which One Is Right for You?

Finding the ideal faucet for your bathroom comes down to choosing a style, color, and finish that suits your space and preferences. We have a dedicated team that will work with professionals to find a program that’s ideal for you and your clients. Deciding on a faucet style is the first step toward bringing your bathroom to the next level.

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